Day 5 in Peru (2/22) by Shila Kiander

Today we finally got to sleep in.  In the morning we headed to Miraflores and had lunch at a great chicken place in the Mall.

After that we toured Miraflores, Lima Peru on the “Mirabus”.  We then went shopping in the market and got goodies to bring home to our loved ones.

It was a short day so not much to write.  Tomorrow we will be helping with a children’s program with about 50 kids.  We will be meeting up with a teen group from Tarma and working together.

Please pray for our team as some of us are not feeling so well.  We have decided to sleep in again tomorrow.


About peru2012

My name is Shila Kiander. I live in Cedar Springs, Michigan. I am a wife to Kevin and a mother to three wonderful children. I am one of 8 people going on a mission trip to Peru in February of 2012 from The Springs Free methodist Church in Cedar Springs, Michigan.
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2 Responses to Day 5 in Peru (2/22) by Shila Kiander

  1. Barry Briggs says:

    Love the blog and all the updates. Keep up the good work. Remind the team for me to Love God and Love People. God has good works planned for you today. Enjoy the opportunity to do them. Hope Josh is feeling better. Proud of all of you, Pastor Barry

  2. Jan Malmo says:

    Praying for you today and always. Am keeping my reminder note on my computer so I see it everyday!

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